Poorly babies and sleepless nights!

Everyone knows being a parent can be as tough as it gets but being a parent when you’re ill, brings a whole new meaning to the word tough! Oh and I don’t need to remind you that child illness in this house comes in twos at least! The fact that I’m even still capable of writing this blog post is a small miracle.

Ever since the twins had a streaming nose as their first tooth appeared, we don’t seem to have shaken the snot. So that’s four weeks more or less, of runny noses, spiking temperatures but also low ones (this was a new one on me) and now……conjunctivitis! Just permit to nip back to the low temperature issue again. Apparently in the same way your body creates a fever to produce an inhospitable environment for germs; it can also lower the bodies temperature for the same reason if the fevers haven’t done their job. Aren’t our bodies amazing?

So conjunctivitis is really horrid! Raj had never seen it up till now and was horrified when he saw their tiny little eyes all gunked shut! Krish was clearly very fortunate not to have had it so far! It’s very contagious and so with twins who sleep side by side, I guess it was inevitable that Nayan would share it with Arjun. That’s exactly what happened.

Our doctor wouldn’t prescribe drops as he said they don’t work, so it’s warm water eye baths until it clears up. To keep it from spreading to the whole family remember to wash your hands regularly, don’t share towels or muslins, wash bedsheets or pillow cases after every sleep including naps and try to discourage them from rubbing their eyes. As far as bedding goes I actually put down a blanket, over their bedsheet where their head would lie and this way you’re only replacing that, not having to change the whole bedsheet.

This morning their eyes were a bit less gunky, so hopefully we’ll have rid of it soon. I’d also like to be rid of my cough which I have had for a week now. Not that long you might say but for me it is, as I’ve usually shook off the whole cold by that time! Maybe breastfeeding twins is leaving me a bit low in my own antibodies! Either that or the lack of sleep is playing havoc with my bodies ability to heal itself.

Despite the fact that while being ill, Arjun has slept through the night a couple of times, generally their night time sleep is awful at the moment! We’re in newborn territory. Last night Nayan would not be put down for longer than half an hour and I spent most of the night awkwardly sleeping on the sofa in their room with one or at times both of them asleep on me. Their best stint together in the cot was from 5:30-7:30 but by 6:00 Krish was wide playing YouTube drivel down my ear!

Today Raj and I laughed a lot but only to prevent us from crying I think. It felt like someone was playing a practical joke on by awarding us with the twins! Add Krish into the mix and we must have done something really bad in a past life! He missed nursery today as he was sick this morning but then in true infant style, spent the rest of the day haring around, shouting and making a mess. I had so many boring jobs planned for today too. Oh well they can wait till tomorrow!

In all seriousness we realise how blessed we are to have our three gorgeous boys and wouldn’t change our life one bit! Well maybe a bigger house, children that sleep and eat without any drama and a bit more spare cash at the end of the month! 🤫😉

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