Don’t be afraid to be you! 🌅

This post has taken a ridiculously long time for me to publish and that’s not because I wanted to make sure it was really well written, but because I’ve ummed and ahhed about whether to publish it at all. Ultimately though, I need to get it off my chest and then I can start blogging properly again. So here we go! Some of my close friends and family will understand the feelings and events between the lines but for those that only know me through my blog then I hope you will get the gist of what I’m trying to say!

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Auntie Em gets married 👰🏻🤵🥂🍾

At the end of last month, our family of five travelled up to the Lake District for the wedding of my sister Emily. We had been preparing for this for quite some time and on the way up the motorway I expect Raj and I were feeling a whole mix of emotions, including, in no particular order: excitement, apprehension, pride, stress, anticipation, frustration (traffic jams)! Travelling that distance to a major family event with three small children was a big deal for us but of course we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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Summer holidays ☀️☁️🌨

As a daughter of two teachers and later a teacher myself, I’ve enjoyed many long summer breaks. I was very fortunate to be able to enjoy my childhood school holidays with both parents present every day and still to this day, that feels like a privilege.

Each summer, Mum would draw out a calendar grid for the holidays on a big sheet of sugar paper and we would plot all the upcoming events. The main one would be our annual family holiday. Anyway I’m reminiscing here! The point of this blog was to let you know some of the things we got up to this Summer. I had hoped to have this written with time for these ideas to inspire you guys but somehow we’re back to school already.

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In life we all have those moments where we have to laugh to keep ourselves from crying or screaming or shouting. A muttering of WHY, a head in the hands, a look to the sky kind of moment. It’s a struggle and from a parenting stand point sometimes you actually do have to shout or at least certainly not laugh!

Here is my compilation of some of those moments in life….

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REWIND……The twins are here!

I promised you the next instalment of a trilogy blog to celebrate the twins turning 1, would be all about the birth and our time in NICU; but I’ll be honest…I’m so much of an over sharer that this trilogy is going to turn into a series! This post will be about the day the twins arrived: c-section, recovery, meeting the twins and entering the NICU unit for the first time.

Coincidentally I spent today with a fellow NICU and twin mum that I met during our time there, who I am now fortunate enough to call my friend. We were chatting about how surreal it feels to now have one year olds and reminiscing about our time as NICU mums.

Anyway here’s our story….

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Poorly babies and sleepless nights!

Everyone knows being a parent can be as tough as it gets but being a parent when you’re ill, brings a whole new meaning to the word tough! Oh and I don’t need to remind you that child illness in this house comes in twos at least! The fact that I’m even still capable of writing this blog post is a small miracle.

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