A month of firsts!

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Ravalia household. First nights out, first steps, first hair cuts, first full nights sleep and first school visits. Carry on reading for the full stories.

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Poorly babies and sleepless nights!

Everyone knows being a parent can be as tough as it gets but being a parent when you’re ill, brings a whole new meaning to the word tough! Oh and I don’t need to remind you that child illness in this house comes in twos at least! The fact that I’m even still capable of writing this blog post is a small miracle.

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Who needs proper sleep anyway?! 😴

Aaaaaaggghhhh I fell asleep on the sofa again! Maybe I should just head up the stairs with the twins at ten-ish when hubby goes to bed! (Weekdays) However, crazy as it seems I just love that alone time. Crazy as it’s not really alone time when I have a baby snuggled under each arm, intermittently attached to a boob! But somehow that late night peace soothes me; time to watch a bit of my telly, play mindless games on my phone or now… blog! Also a sneaky opportunity to have a chocolate binge when hubby’s not around to remind that yesterday I said I was going to reduce my sugar intake!! Must lay off the junk though seriously ; worried my body is changing shape…the wrong kind of shape. That issue can be my next blog as this ones about sleep…or lack of!!

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