Mummy to a school boy!

So sorry once again, that it’s taken me so long between posts. I think the life of a school mum has overwhelmed me somewhat.

Suddenly, even though the twins are generally sleeping well, come evening, after dinner, I can barely keep my eyes open. Obviously there’s the extra walking to and from school twice a day, usually in a rush might I say, but I think it’s just the new faster more slightly pressured pace of life. Getting ready to leave the house, on time in the morning is undoubtably the most stressful part of my day. Trying to inject a sense of urgency into Krish is like trying to make a snail keep up with a cheetah. On top of getting two toddlers ready to leave the house, I have no idea how we have not yet been late. Oh goodness, I’ve jinxed it now haven’t I? Collecting Krish from school isn’t as stressful but has the added complication of clashing with nap time. It feels so wrong to wake them but they’ve usually had an hour and a half at least by then so it could be worse. The scooter has been our saviour I think. Krish just zooms along on that and I can walk quickly to catch up rather than having to dawdle to drag Krish when we walked.

Then off course there’s ParentMail. Our schools chosen method of keeping in touch, informing or reminding us of upcoming events and at some point enabling us to pay for clubs or trips. Most days my phone will “ping” with an alert to something from school. Today it was to tell us that Friday is “mufty” day to raise money for the Poppy Appeal and that the children will be taking part in a special community project to commemorate soldiers from Somerset who lost their life in World War One.

Also recently, to invite us in for Parents Evening, inform us of a nit outbreak, share Harvest Festival plans and invite us in to the classroom to share in the children’s learning from this half term. Busy, busy, busy!

Obviously having been a teacher, I should have expected this amount of information but it’s taking a bit of getting used to. The school is as paper free as they can be so it’s a case of remembering to print things out if needed.

But all this is by the by and just something I will eventually adjust to. Krish is absolutely loving school and that’s the main thing. He is happy to go in each morning and seems to be coping well with the new routines. Yes he’s tired and yes he’s had a few more irrational meltdowns than usual but on the whole starting school has been smooth so far.

I hope any of you with new “schoolies” are coping well and adjusting too.

I’ll try not to leave it to long next time. Next blog might be a bit different as I have my sister’s hen do this weekend!

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