Poorly babies and sleepless nights!

Everyone knows being a parent can be as tough as it gets but being a parent when you’re ill, brings a whole new meaning to the word tough! Oh and I don’t need to remind you that child illness in this house comes in twos at least! The fact that I’m even still capable of writing this blog post is a small miracle.

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Twin’s Teething = Trauma😬😴😧

I’m sure at the time it was probably horrific, but I can’t really remember too many long sleepless nights or days spent with a majorly cranky teething Krish. Coming up four years old now, he obviously has all his teeth but we’re still waiting for the twins first tiny pearly whites to poke through and it’s proving emotional already!

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My children are trying to kill me!! 😭

I really could do with a stiff drink right now! Instead I’m on our bed, (I call it our bed…it’s really my bed. Poor Raj hasn’t slept in here for nearly 7 months!) under the feeding pillow with both twins. After today’s script I really could have done with a little bit of time for me! But no…it seems that tonight Nayan will only settle while attached to me and Arjun woke up as soon as I lifted Nayan out of the cot! Read on for this morning’s drama!!

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