2018-year of books! 🤞🏼

I absolutely love reading, always have since I first mastered the skill at primary school. The only book that’s ever defeated me was White Fang by Jack London. But I put that down to my young age when I attempted to read it and I am determined to read it in full one day. Anyway when I was pregnant with Krish, I remember my mum reminiscing about how many books she managed to get through while nursing me, I expect. I say me as that nursing time is never quite as peaceful second time round or third or fourth in my mum’s case! Well I did manage to read quite a few books while breastfeeding Krish but I also spent an inordinate amount of wasted time on my phone! Internet shopping, FB stalking, playing CandyCrush and exploring Pinterest! I wish I’d been a bit more productive but I don’t think my brain could have coped with much more. If I did pick up a book I usually nodded off pretty quickly. How I miss those cosy milky cuddly naps with Krish. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before smart phones! All those idle thumbs! This time round I started my blog and discovered Instagram so that was never a recipe for successful reading time.

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Christmas food shop! 😱

I never knew it was possible to spend as much as I did in Aldi last weekend! £148!! Good job I didn’t try to use those Waitrose vouchers; I’d be bankrupt! Unfortunately to make matters worse I have to do another shop tomorrow! I bought most of the Christmas stuff last weekend but this time it’s more regular cupboard and fridge staples that we’ve suddenly ran out of! Great timing! So this will be me tomorrow…..

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Who’s feeling festive? ⭐️🎄🎅🏼

As soon as December begins I instantly feel more festive! I allow myself to listen to Christmas music, in fact I intentionally choose to listen to Christmas music. In the first weekend of December, I usually aim to put up all the decorations, much to Raj’s displeasure; he’s a bit of a HUMBUG!

I thought I’d do a bit of a Mummy Rav and sons list of Christmas hacks, tips, traditions that might be interesting for anyone overwhelmed by the madness that is “the run up to Christmas” or just looking for ideas to occupy excited little rascals. FYI-No mention of that creepy dude that does anything but sit on said shelf!

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My children are trying to kill me!! 😭

I really could do with a stiff drink right now! Instead I’m on our bed, (I call it our bed…it’s really my bed. Poor Raj hasn’t slept in here for nearly 7 months!) under the feeding pillow with both twins. After today’s script I really could have done with a little bit of time for me! But no…it seems that tonight Nayan will only settle while attached to me and Arjun woke up as soon as I lifted Nayan out of the cot! Read on for this morning’s drama!!

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Threenager hell! 🤬😳😩

OMG, where has my cute little three year old gone?! Everyone’s heard of the terrible two’s, but I warn you if you’re feeling smug because you missed that out, well they may be storing it up for their third year of life! I won’t lie, I was that smug parent who saw toddlers throwing the mother of all tantrums whilst quietly thinking…”Thank goodness Krish wasn’t like that!” Stupid woman I shouldn’t have been so self-righteous. Read on for the horror that is living with a threenager!

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Germ season is upon us! 😷🤒🤧

Arjun and Nayan will be 8 months old in a couple of weeks and I am impressed they’ve managed to avoid getting ill this long. But I guess it was inevitable what with the variety of germs Krish must bring home from nursery. We were lucky with Krish, who was rarely poorly. Though saying that when he did catch something it really knocked him for six! Anyway it’s happened now…the twins have bronchiolitis. 😢 Continue reading “Germ season is upon us! 😷🤒🤧”

Under pressure! 

As a Primary School teacher and Mum I have, at times, been used to wearing many hats and juggling many balls but currently I am really feeling the pressure, from so many angles!  Mostly it’s pressure I put on myself but more recently it’s just a general feeling of expectation and societal pressure.  Some of these pressures are old friends- pressure to keep fit, pressure to eat healthily, pressure to be a good wife and mum.
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