Auntie Em gets married 👰🏻🤵🥂🍾

At the end of last month, our family of five travelled up to the Lake District for the wedding of my sister Emily. We had been preparing for this for quite some time and on the way up the motorway I expect Raj and I were feeling a whole mix of emotions, including, in no particular order: excitement, apprehension, pride, stress, anticipation, frustration (traffic jams)! Travelling that distance to a major family event with three small children was a big deal for us but of course we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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Mummy to a school boy!

So sorry once again, that it’s taken me so long between posts. I think the life of a school mum has overwhelmed me somewhat.

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Summer holidays ☀️☁️🌨

As a daughter of two teachers and later a teacher myself, I’ve enjoyed many long summer breaks. I was very fortunate to be able to enjoy my childhood school holidays with both parents present every day and still to this day, that feels like a privilege.

Each summer, Mum would draw out a calendar grid for the holidays on a big sheet of sugar paper and we would plot all the upcoming events. The main one would be our annual family holiday. Anyway I’m reminiscing here! The point of this blog was to let you know some of the things we got up to this Summer. I had hoped to have this written with time for these ideas to inspire you guys but somehow we’re back to school already.

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Children’s clothing…slogans 👍🏼 or 👎🏼?

Generally I would say I’m not really a fan of slogans on children’s clothes. While I was pregnant with Krish I inevitably began looking at baby clothes and was disappointed by the amount of clothes covered in stereotypical gender behaviour phrases. Phrases such as “Mummy’s little angel” and “Watch out, little monster about!” I think there has been a big improvement in the way boys and girls clothes are presented in terms of choice and I have seen several examples of positive slogans that would inspire both boys and girls. But there is still much to be done…..

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In life we all have those moments where we have to laugh to keep ourselves from crying or screaming or shouting. A muttering of WHY, a head in the hands, a look to the sky kind of moment. It’s a struggle and from a parenting stand point sometimes you actually do have to shout or at least certainly not laugh!

Here is my compilation of some of those moments in life….

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REWIND…26 days in NICU Part 2

This is the final chapter in my series of blog posts to celebrate the twins turning 1. So far I’ve talked about pregnancy, the birth and my time on the maternity ward. In this post I hope to touch on our new NICU routine, the reality of being a parent to a child in NICU, highs, lows and of course the all important milk production.

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