REWIND……The twins are here!

I promised you the next instalment of a trilogy blog to celebrate the twins turning 1, would be all about the birth and our time in NICU; but I’ll be honest…I’m so much of an over sharer that this trilogy is going to turn into a series! This post will be about the day the twins arrived: c-section, recovery, meeting the twins and entering the NICU unit for the first time.

Coincidentally I spent today with a fellow NICU and twin mum that I met during our time there, who I am now fortunate enough to call my friend. We were chatting about how surreal it feels to now have one year olds and reminiscing about our time as NICU mums.

Anyway here’s our story….

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Rewind… twin pregnancy.

22nd October 2016 will go down as one of the most surreal days of my life! It’s the day we found out that I was pregnant with not one, but two babies! I can still remember watching the colour drain from Raj’s face as the sonographer spoke the following words. “Are there twins in the family?” “No!” I confidently replied, not for one second imagining what she might have seen on the screen. “Well…there are now!” she declared! One perk of being given that life altering news was that they let us have our scan pictures free of charge, to help make up for the shock!

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Poorly babies and sleepless nights!

Everyone knows being a parent can be as tough as it gets but being a parent when you’re ill, brings a whole new meaning to the word tough! Oh and I don’t need to remind you that child illness in this house comes in twos at least! The fact that I’m even still capable of writing this blog post is a small miracle.

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Birthday party politics! 😳

I never realised planning a four year olds first official birthday party could be so complicated. It’s a minefield of social expectations and politeness gone mad!

Soooo many dilemmas….

Here are my Top 10 Children’s Birthday Party Conundrums:-

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Twin’s Teething = Trauma😬😴😧

I’m sure at the time it was probably horrific, but I can’t really remember too many long sleepless nights or days spent with a majorly cranky teething Krish. Coming up four years old now, he obviously has all his teeth but we’re still waiting for the twins first tiny pearly whites to poke through and it’s proving emotional already!

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Is screen time the enemy? 📱💻🖥

If you check out my Instagram posts you might notice the hash tag #operationreducescreentime

I am mindful of the amount of time Krish spends watching screens; be it my phone, our TV or our tablet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some days where he watches way too much! In fact there are some days I swear from waking up to going to bed, he moves from one screen to the next, all day long; only stopping to eat and use the toilet.

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2018-year of books! 🤞🏼

I absolutely love reading, always have since I first mastered the skill at primary school. The only book that’s ever defeated me was White Fang by Jack London. But I put that down to my young age when I attempted to read it and I am determined to read it in full one day. Anyway when I was pregnant with Krish, I remember my mum reminiscing about how many books she managed to get through while nursing me, I expect. I say me as that nursing time is never quite as peaceful second time round or third or fourth in my mum’s case! Well I did manage to read quite a few books while breastfeeding Krish but I also spent an inordinate amount of wasted time on my phone! Internet shopping, FB stalking, playing CandyCrush and exploring Pinterest! I wish I’d been a bit more productive but I don’t think my brain could have coped with much more. If I did pick up a book I usually nodded off pretty quickly. How I miss those cosy milky cuddly naps with Krish. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before smart phones! All those idle thumbs! This time round I started my blog and discovered Instagram so that was never a recipe for successful reading time.

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