Children’s clothing…slogans 👍🏼 or 👎🏼?

Generally I would say I’m not really a fan of slogans on children’s clothes. While I was pregnant with Krish I inevitably began looking at baby clothes and was disappointed by the amount of clothes covered in stereotypical gender behaviour phrases. Phrases such as “Mummy’s little angel” and “Watch out, little monster about!” I think there has been a big improvement in the way boys and girls clothes are presented in terms of choice and I have seen several examples of positive slogans that would inspire both boys and girls. But there is still much to be done…..

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Pink vs Blue! 🎀💙💗🚙

From my standpoint as a teacher I really enjoyed watching the recent documentary on BBC 2 titled “No more boys and girls: can our kids go gender free?” “Is the way we treat boys and girls the real reason we haven’t achieved equality between men and women? Dr Javid Abdelmoneim aims to find out by taking over a primary school class.”  Though a bit freaked out by the phrase gender free, I particularly loved the career activity where they asked the children to assign genders to four jobs-make-up artist, mechanic, ballet dancer and magician. The children seemed to choose according to typical societal stereotypes but were then shocked to be introduced to a male dancer and make-up artist and a female magician and mechanic. The awe and wonder in their eyes was plain to see. That aspect of teaching is what drew me to a career as a teacher so unsurprisingly this topic stuck in my mind and got me thinking.

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