Summer holidays ☀️☁️🌨

As a daughter of two teachers and later a teacher myself, I’ve enjoyed many long summer breaks. I was very fortunate to be able to enjoy my childhood school holidays with both parents present every day and still to this day, that feels like a privilege.

Each summer, Mum would draw out a calendar grid for the holidays on a big sheet of sugar paper and we would plot all the upcoming events. The main one would be our annual family holiday. Anyway I’m reminiscing here! The point of this blog was to let you know some of the things we got up to this Summer. I had hoped to have this written with time for these ideas to inspire you guys but somehow we’re back to school already.

Of course our Summer has been filled with plenty of play dates and trips to various parks, catching up with people we haven’t seen in a while and lots of picnics. No family holiday as such for us this year so we had to make the most of our local area.

  • Trip up North- The boys and I did manage a trip up to my Mum and Dad’s, which was our own mini holiday. Daddy spent some quiet time with his car, polishing it to within an inch of its life! We rode the Nottingham trams, visited Wollaton Park with much missed school friends, walked through the city arboretum and searched for some of the giant robins scattered around the city centre. But mainly we spent a lot of time in the garden, pottering around in the sunshine with Grandma and Grandpa. Highlights of Summer holiday late nights for Krish, were seeing the International Space Station and cooking popcorn in the fire pit with Grandpa. Going off on a slight tangent…While we were there I also got to try on my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding coming up in October and got to briefly see my littlest sister who’s been in Portugal since March.
  • City Farms- We visited one of Bristol’s three free city farms with my room mate from uni. St Werburghs city farm has pigs, goats, a few sheep, chickens and ducks. There is also a play park and the cosiest, quirky cafe that does the yummiest beetroot, beer and chocolate cake.
  • Krish’s mini break- We took Krish down to Poole to stay with one of Raj’s sisters for a few days, by himself. He absolutely loved it and would quite happily have stayed longer. My clingy little mummy’s boy is growing up fast.
  • Chew Valley Lake- More free fun on our door step. A play in the park, picnic and a stroll along the lake. This stroll included me retracing my steps to find one of Arjun’s shoes.
  • Worthy Farm pink castle park- We met up with friends on a blustery, showery day to visit an enormous pink castle complete with slides and a short walk away a huge pirate ship. On the Glastonbury Festival site these massive play areas are open on the weekdays to the general public (to the best of my knowledge!) We dodged showers, cow pats and electric fences but had a great time. More free fun.

  • Jurassic Kingdom- So in the absence of a family holiday this year, this was our big ticket event of the Summer. An outdoor exhibition of life size dinosaurs in Bute Park, Cardiff. I had read a lot of awful reviews for the exhibition itself and the weather forecast was not looking promising, so my hopes for an amazing day out were not raised that high. Sometimes it works in your favour to expect the worse. We were pleasantly surprised with our Jurassic Kingdom experience, despite the dreary weather. The many dinosaurs were spread out around an area of the park, some in amongst the trees and some in plain sight. Yes, some of the dinosaurs had damage and some were without information plaques, but all in all it was worth the journey and the money. Had the weather been better we would have explored Bute Park further, which looked amazing.
  • Wookey Hole Caves- Curtesy of some free family tickets provided by a friend, we took Raj’s niece and her two boys to the popular tourist attraction that is Wookey Hole Caves. Not realising just how much there is to do there now, we didn’t go until after lunch, which didn’t give us nearly enough time to fit everything in. We only managed to see the caves, the circus school show (featuring some of my ex-pupils!), the mirror maze and dinosaur valley with fairy gardens and King Kong! We missed the penny arcades, the 4D cinema, the soft play and the pirate themed crazy golf. Next time we will definitely arrive earlier.
  • Minerva Owls trail through Bath- After the success of the robins, we met up with a friend and her son to track down some owls in Bath. They loved racing from one to the other and stopping to peer through the crowds for the next one!
  • Ruby Wedding Anniversary- Congratulations-to my Mum and Dad on 40 years of marriage. We made a flying visit to Nottingham again for a party to celebrate. Totally lovely to spend quality time with family and mingle with a bunch of Mum and Dad’s friend. The twins were a popular topic of conversation and the buffet was yummy! 😂

So now you know what we did this Summer! (New film opportunity?!) I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten something but this post needs wrapping up, as it’s getting long, even by my standards.

Promise I won’t leave so long between posts next time! I blame my rediscovered love for reading!

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