A month of firsts!

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Ravalia household. First nights out, first steps, first hair cuts, first full nights sleep and first school visits. Carry on reading for the full stories.

Date night-

Raj’s sister’s from across the pond (one from California and the other from Calgary) were visiting this month so we grabbed the opportunity and booked them in for some baby sitting duties. So we got everyone to sleep and crept out to Tapas Revolution in Bath. It was just what we needed and was probably well overdue but when you’ve got three young children not to mention that two of them are breast feeding twins; well it makes evening escapes a rare occurrence. It was a relief to know we can still make conversation and have a laugh together even when it’s not centred around the children.

I also managed a cheeky night out with my besty. Only to the pub five minutes down the road but we chatted without distraction for a good few hours and enjoyed a couple of drinks. Sometimes all you need is a bit of time away from the house without the children, to regain the sanity that you didn’t even realise you’d lost.

Toddlers already-

Possibly the biggest first this month was Arjun and Nayan taking their first steps. They’re actually walking around the same time Krish did; around 15 months. This just goes to show that prematurity doesn’t mean that there will necessarily be any development delay. I can’t describe how proud it makes me to see them toddling around. I love to see how pleased they look with themselves as they fall into my arms, after making it across the room.

Little baldies-

Ok so the twins didn’t have much hair to start with but for that exact reason we recently shaved their heads. In Hindu culture and several others around the world including Hispanic, it is commonplace for babies around a year old to have their hair shaved off. Generally this is to encourage the growth of thicker hair. For other reasons click the link below.


Much needed zzzzzzz-

The twins are much better sleepers than Krish ever was and actually still is now. We’re working on his sleep, but that’s for another blog! For the first time though this month, both twins slept through without waking up and apart from a bit of disruption from Krish climbing into our bed, I got an unbroken 8 1/2 hours sleep. Well done twins, keep up the good work!

School ready….well almost-

How can it be that I am nearly a mother of a “schoolie”?! That’s what they call the school children at Krish’s nursery. This month has also seen all but one of Krish’s transition sessions for starting school in September. There’s been a parents introduction evening, a stay and play session, a physical outdoor session, a communal picnic with the existing reception children and their parents and finally, still to come a children only, stay and play session in the classroom. He’s seemed to enjoy all of the sessions so far and even plucked up the courage to talk to his new teachers. It seems he’s eager to establish himself as top helper; as he chose to stay and help to tidy up after everyone else had gone each time. Oh heck he’s going to be “that” child!! In all seriousness though it’s a great start and shows he’s eager to please, which speaking as a teacher, is believe me, half the battle! I’m so excited for him and cannot wait to see what he achieves. In particular, I’m looking forward to him learning to read so that he can read stories with his brothers and we can carry on reading longer books together. We recently started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and there are so many more chapter books I would love to read with him. Definitely a few from my childhood like: Charlotte’s Web, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and Harry Potter. We can visit the library for inspiration on some newer ones. If you’ve got any suggestions, please leave us a comment.

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